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Know Your Lead Prospects Better

At absolute webtech, our mission is to help local businesses around the world to acquiesce more trustworthy customers. Absolute coined the best software product to attract and handling incoming leads promptly and efficiently. Absolute’s Sales Management Software accumulate to put all the processes like admin control, general manager, regional manager, territory manager , business development manager and business development executive on the single place conferred smooth running. Lead intelligence module in the software will help representative to formulate a strategy for engaging with their prospects, gain their interest and trust, and develop a relationship that leads to a closed sale. Enables your sales representative to keep lead close and opportunities more closer. Sale pipelining will be improved by using Sales Management Software heck to develop innovative lead management strategies that incorporates lead nurturing, lead scoring and marketing automation.

Benefits of the software are as follows

  • Software tools helps you to accumulate buyers persona and brief contact details
  • Enables tracking and optimizing working strategy lead towards opportunities
  • Entire sale pipelining get improved, accordingly expert will tackle the conversation so the lead won’t dropped
  • Empower the manager to keep an eye over sale cycle, from generation of leads to opportunities via Lead tracking system
  • Exclusively design and develop
  • Easy handling and managing of software without requirement of rigid training support
  • Software exclusively develop so that it can be compatible with various service industries and business sector
  • Software is adaptable to acquire customization as per business need at nominal cost
  • Allows efficient follow up tracking meanwhile nurturing the potential leads towards opportunities
  • Properly tested with various records
  • Highly secured and comply transparency between admin and multiple users
  • Save your time for management thus avails you to focus on more productive strategies
  • No option of Data Redundancy
  • Enables faster response to the clients

Team behind Sales Management Software

Absolute Webtech is committed to develop high quality software solutions and services that are secure and comply with industry standards. Since 2009, we are attaining software incumbent needs with brisk pace, from establishment in New Delhi, continuously exploring our software solutions and services globally. Absolute webtech is equipped with experienced and expert team of developers and planners whose continual efforts leads to innovative fulfillment that approach to the successful project accomplishment.

  • JAVA & experts
  • Comprehensive list of satisfied customer personas
  • Since 2009, delivered multiple software solutions
  • Prolonged experience in developing customize softwares

Features of Sales Management Software

  • Capture, nurture and convert leads into opportunities
  • Updated status while tracking of leads
  • Lead Filtration by the source, status and deep analysis
  • Master report (sales, Meetings, Revenue, Expenses, Debtors etc)-management can access all the reports from this master report
  • Lead Assignments & Reassignment
  • Easily integrated with other software
  • Lead Transfer utility from one member to other
  • Utility of Import/export from Excel
  • Lead activity reports
  • Follow up feature with notification
  • Notification for Lapsed Meetings/follow ups on the dashboard
  • Maintaining Client Accounts for payment purposes
  • Rights Assignment according to Hierarchy
  • Comes with features like receipt’s management & debtor’s management

Our clients

About Absolute WebTech

In 2009 we have started our business with a small team of highly dedicated professional. With every passing year our business is growing with brisk pace and today we have our offices in 5 different countries UK, India, UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

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