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Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP Software Solutions

What is an ERP system?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It includes all the functionalities which is useful to organize,manage & to integrate the business processes of the small & medium size enterprise for the better control. ERP system, includes all necessary functionality that a medium or small enterprise requires for its daily operations.

The ERP has the utility to save the time and increase the productivity. The ERP software is complete solution for the whole entity from scratch to end. Customized ERP play a key role to achieve the successor the organization in systematic way.Our assistance ensued its solution with elimination of probabilistic perils which can expected to get occur.

It is very useful system to manage all the resources related to the organization. Our company develop ERP solution which allows user interface to manage all the business records and information in highly managed way. It is using a set of integrated applications which helps to store, collect, manage and interpret data from various business activities of organization like planning, marketing, sales, manufacturing process, development and cost and etc. We at Absolute provide ERP software solution at non-profit organization and also non manufacturing businesses. ERP software provides Real Time view to the distributor. We help to increase efficiency of business of the organization.

Benefits Of ERP

  • Integrates business functions ( planning, marketing and accounting )
  • Provides global view to the distributors
  • Effectively Decision making at various levels of manufacturing and development process
  • Reduce unnecessary and unauthorized expenses
  • Reduces inefficiencies and improve accuracy
  • Increase customer retention
  • Improves service levels of the organization

Why Absolute ?

  • Devoting time with Top Management to understand the requirement of the ERP, Flow of Software, Working Methodology and information required for customize the software solution.
  • One to one meeting with the Head of each department to inculcate their requirements and working methodology which can be easily induct in the ERP/Software.
  • Preparing the Prototype – a working model with actual flow of working methodology in software format.
  • Fixation of the scope of the work.
  • Then coding of the information in real time basis.

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