Easy To Manage Business Accounting/Finances Without Accounting Knowledge

Well Designed Cloud Based Accounting & GST-Ready software for business owners who want to keep an eye on their invoices, inventory, bank transactions, assets & liabilities, cash inflows/outflows, P & L account, over all reports & keep their finances in organized manner!

A Smart Financial Accounting Tool - GST Ready

More Than Just An Accounting Software With Powerful Features With Easy To Use Interface

  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales & Purchase Order
  • Vendor Management
  • GST
  • Journals & Ledgers
  • Profit & Loss Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Expense Tracking
  • Multi-Currency
  • Multi-User
  • Accounts Receivables & Payables
  • 40+ Intelligent Reports

You can outsource your financial accounting to absolute professional accounting team.

Absolute professional team can deliver superior results at minimize costs, while allowing you to focus on strengthening your focus business areas.

Reasons to Outsource Your Accounting To Professionals

  • Money Saving-Reduce Overhead Expenses
  • Time Saving-Improve Operational Efficiency
  • Automate-Reduce Paper Work
  • Reduce Risk-Reduction in Errors
  • Professionals Team-Ensures That your Books are always up to date
  • Assurance-Correct Financial Records & No Threats OF Fraudulent Activity

Mobile Application-Acceesbility of Financial Data Anywhere at Anytime.

Admin can access Absolute Books from anywhere at anytime through its mobile application. Absolute Books enables you to access financial data data whether you are sitting in Office or you are travelling.

Billing & Invoicing

Absolute Books is the simplest accounting tool that helps you to create your own professional invoices and use recurring invoices to take regular payments.
It is also useful in creating time based invoices & cash invoices for cash transactions.

Multi Level Inventory Tracking Control-Track Your Inventory From Purchase To Sales

Manage all the products, transfer, wastage & other things related to stock to manage the stock efficiently.
100% knowledge on what is in the stock ? what needs to be in the stock & How Much needed? with the actual valuation of the stock.
You can maintain Multiple Warehouses, Maintain Re-Order Levels & can Identify the Top Selling product with Absolute Books.

Easy to Create Purchase orders & Sales order

Raise Purchase orders, get approvals for the PO's, Invoice them and manage the complete flow with ease.

Easy To Manage Vendor Price List

You can manage the vendors details & fix up the prices for products for a particular vendor.
At the time of purchase you will get automatically the price for a particular product on selection of a particular vendor for that product.

GST Compliant

Absolute books provides you a hassle free GST compliance accounting tool to reduce the stress during the tax time.
It makes your business GST compliant from the very first day of implementation & makes your GST filing effortless.
You can send GST compliant Invoices to customers & calculate the the Input Tax Credits with the help of Absolute books.

Bank Reconciliation

Connect to your bank, fetch transactions, and reconcile accounts in a jiffy.

Track Expenses on Real Time Basis

To Get the control over the cash outflow & to know where the money is going with real time intelligent reports & dashboards.
You can record & maintain the expenses under the different categories & sub categories of expenses as per your accounting needs.

40+ Intelligent Reports

Stay on top of your finances with intelligent accounting reports.